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BIO FUNCTIONALS | Bio functionals real functional foods

    Our History
    In 1996, Vitoon Panyakul founded Green Net - a Thai social enterprise working with over 2,000 families promoting organic agriculture and fair-trade marketing.
    In 2010, Nat Meechubot, a creative cook and health-conscious marathon runner, was already distributing food products in the USA and Europe when he was influenced by Michael Pollan’s book Food Rules – “eat real foods”.
    In 2015, Vitoon and Nat cofounded Biofunctionals – committed to producing organic real food products that are both smart and fun, and to market those products in a socially responsible manner.
    Sourcing Our Rice
    Biofunctionals sources its organic black and red jasmine rice from Green Net’s network of small-scale family farmers, and donates 100% of all profits to Green Net.
    Black and red rice have more protein, iron and antioxidants than ordinary brown rice. Soaking the rice for two days until SPROUTED breaks down the seed’s protective coating and helps to unlock its nutrients. Sprouted rice has more of the all-important fibers that nourish the healthful biomes in your gut.
    The nutty, slightly sweet flavor of sprouted rice is baked into our Sprouted Black Rice Bites (with sea salt) and Sprouted Red Rice Bites (with sea salt and vinegar). Certified organic, whole grain, gluten-free, non-GMO.
    Chompot Kasemsrungchaikit is the 3rd generation of one of the pioneer rice mills in the Kalasin province, northeastern Thailand. After studying engineering and receiving an MBA, he returned to the family business converting it to an organic rice producer, and after 5 years of research he began producing germinated rice.
    The GABA rice factory is fully functional since 2008. As top 3 GABA processors in the country, he keeps on new innovation for GABA rice. Now the factory is in the 3rd generation of development, where the flavour of the GABA will be better preserved, water usage and waste water is reduced by 30-50%, and processing time is shorter.
    Feed Your Gut
    Antioxidants + Prebiotics
    The rice is soaked for two days until sprouted. Sprouting breaks down the seed’s protective coating and helps to unlock its nutrients. Compared to ordinary brown rice, sprouting increases bioavailable nutrients – especially the vital neurotransmitter GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), immune boosting antioxidants, and prebiotic fibers which nourish the good bacteria in your gut – supporting digestive health and protein utilization.
    Our Products
    Our Process
    Watch a short video about our sprouting process, production and how we source our rice.
    Every yummy bite
    Green Net’s farmers are presently growing 40 metric tons of black and red rice with a three-year target to triple black and red rice production.
    Each plot of organic brown rice generates a 15% increase in revenue for the farming family. Converting a conventional farmer to organic red and black would, after three years transition, generate more than 20% increase in revenues.
    Chompot is now processing 20 metric tons of sprouted rice. Our target is to triple sprouted rice production in 2 years.